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It's better to be well-rounded as a person. Art and creating can make us happy, but not always. Especially if we are doing something that is not satisfying to us.
Personally, I find using bases and other such things unsatifactory. My account on dA actually garnered quite a bit of attention (relatively) because I was making these pony pixel art things that were somehow somewhat popular (they can actually all still be found in my scraps). I stopped making them, however, because it wasn't fulfilling. See, every one of those was based directly off of some vector art or whatever (which was usually based directly off the show itself; go figure) that someone else had made (always with permission, in case any of you are worried). All at once making things based off of the work of others became no longer satisfying to me, and for a moment I thounght that perhaps my endevor into art had been a short one. But I soon found enjoyment in creating my own works. Even if they weren't quite as good or as popular as what I had been making before, the idea of my own improvement excited me. It still does to this day.
Every now and again I'll trace some particular thing that I find and like, but never posting it (I hope not, at least). I do it as a sort of practice. Tracing can be a way of studying the style and techniques of another artist. It's something I use regularly, to keep me on my toes. After all, I can't learn a new skill from myself, but I can learn it from someone else. Any tracing I do usually goes soon into the trash, because pretending it as my own would, again, bring no true satisfaction.
Anyway, the whole point of this journal is to tell everyone how I feel about things like this. This journal's point is not to bash or tease or bother anyone who does happen to use bases or other such things. If doing so is satisfactory for you, then why should you stop? But no one should ever second-guess their own discontent.

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